Monday, December 12, 2011

Twelve Witnesses of Christ's Birth

"In the nation of Christ’s birth, the testimony of his coming went forth in ever-widening circles—especially among those blameless in keeping the commandments and ordinances of the Lord and filled with the Holy Ghost.
"Gospel writers Matthew and Luke, for example, describe twelve witnesses to the Nativity. Although their individual testimonies are remarkable, their collective testimony constitutes a powerful witness of Christ’s birth. As their stories unfold, every appropriate element appears in its proper place, which is all the more remarkable since the two writers each tell different parts of the story.

"The nativity story begins with an angelic announcement within the temple’s Holy Place to a priest whose prayers on behalf of his nation have just implored for that very event. With equal propriety, it ends with the announcement of Herod’s evil designs upon the Christ child’s life. Within the story, we see the heavens opened to priest and layman, to man and woman, to old and young, to the mighty and to the humble. We see each called to be an important witness to this, the most beautiful of stories ever told. "
Witnesses: Gabriel, Zacharias, Elisabeth, John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, The Shepherds, The Heavenly Choir, Simeon, Anna, The Wise Men from the East, and Herod

To learn and read about these 12 special witnesses, go to Joseph Fielding McConkie, “Twelve Witnesses of Christ’s Birth,” Ensign, Dec 1990, 7