Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Gift giving is such a huge part of the holiday season. My mother is famous for searching high and low to get everyone on her list (young and old, relative or neighbor) the perfect gift. Not only does she pick the gift she feels the receiver will enjoy the most, she carefully picks through all the items to make sure she buys the best one in the stack! This habit of hers has been the topic of teasing over the years, but as I was writing this post, I started really thinking about "giving the perfect gift". And, what gift can we give Christ?

In a quiet family setting, have each member write on a piece of paper a gift or promise they'd like to give to the Savior. Have everyone put their paper in a small box that is then wrapped beautifully and placed in a special spot under the tree as a reminder of our gift. Maybe you open it on Christmas morning and read the gifts everyone is giving the Savior, or maybe it stays wrapped throughout the year as a reminder of those sacred promises. Maybe that small box is displayed with your Nativity. This year for our family, we will be writing our promises on a small sheet of paper and enclosing them in a glass ornament that we'll each hang on the tree.

"Beyond the excitement of unwrapping presents and the excited chatter of families are deeper feelings of gratitude because of Him whose birthday we celebrate each Christmas season. When in a quiet moment we think of the humble circumstances associated with Jesus’ birth and of His life and teachings, we remember that the gifts of the Spirit are the most important ones of all. For it was the Savior Himself who set the supreme example of giving. He permitted His life to be sacrificed so that everyone, no matter who they are, will have an opportunity to return to our Heavenly Father if they live good lives and are obedient to Jesus’ teachings. What a magnificent and generous gift! If we would give a worthy gift to the Savior, none would be more acceptable than our effort to be like Him."