Friday, December 2, 2011

The Meridian of Time

Our dear, late prophet, President Hinkley, had countless stories, insights, revelations and wisdom to share with us. I always looked forward to hearing him speak and was always amazed by his love for all of us (member or not) and his deep admiration and love for the Savior. I loved this particular passage I found, and thought since I was putting together an advent calendar, this was a great quote to begin with:

"It is only two millennia since the Savior walked the earth. It is a wonderful acknowledgment of His place in history that the calendar now in use throughout most of the world places His birth as the meridian of time. All that went before is reckoned back from that date. All that has happened since is measured forward from that date."

"Every time anyone uses a date, he knowingly or unknowingly acknowledges the coming to earth of the Son of God. His birth, as it has been popularly determined, marks the center point of the ages, the meridian of time recognized throughout the earth. As we use these dates we pay no attention to it. But if we pause to think, we must recognize that He is the one sublime figure in all the history of the world on which our measurement of time is based."

To read this full article, go to Gordon B. Hinckley, “At the Summit of the Ages,” Ensign, Nov 1999, 72.